Under the shadow of 3,959-metre Mount Robson—the high point in the Canadian Rockies—you’ll wander past emerald-coloured Kinney Lake and near thundering Emperor Falls, entranced by dramatic mountain vistas throughout. The trail is 4.3 km. Unlike Lima, we are now in real Peru. The Robson River Meadows Campground is a massive campground with hot showers that can be reserved ahead of time. Create. Name: No data. Where the trail picks up on the other side, … The views are great and there is about 660m elevation gain between Kinney and our second campground, Marmot. Most … That’s right, we joined the Taco Club… Don’t be jealous. Robson; the highest point in the Canadian Rockies. Mumm Basin & Caves: Closed due to a rockslide. This is not the case for Berg Lake. Snowbird Pass Route (1 day): Snowbird Pass is closed May and June due to caribou calving. Snowbird Pass Route starts off flat in the meadows of the Berg Lake Valley. 3 years ago They also have first-come, first-served sites available as well. 50 100 150 200 5 10 15 Distance (km) Elevation (m) No data elevation. For example, a climb that goes on for 1km at an average gradient of 12.5% has a score of 1000 x 12.5 = 12500, which equates to Category 4. See this Tour and others like it, or plan your own with komoot! Profile. P P P N WE S Hiking Emergency Services Facilities Campground 1 Site km Shelter Kinney Lake 7 14 Whitehorn 11 22 Emperor Falls 16 9 Marmot 19 7 Maximum elevation: No data. People often cancel their trips in the weeks leading up to the date as understandably a lot of people’s plans change in 9 – 11 months. The trail can start or end in Robson Pass or Berg Lake campsites. Profile. Even a few adventurous souls told us that the 26-mile journey was their favorite day hike in the Canadian Rockies as they hadn’t been able to grab a campsite. Plotted with the plotaroute.com route planner. While short, Iceberg Lake Trail is steep in spots, ascending just over 500 feet above Ediza Lake. The Snowbird Pass Trail is closed May 1st – July 1st. Berg Lake Trail; Paddle the Whiteshell; Camino de Santiago; The West Coast Trail; The East Coast Trail; Subscribe; Email Me; Peru April 2015. Nice campground along the river with a suspension bridge, a cook shelter, bear lockers, tent sites, fancy outhouses, and a cooking area/dish drainage spot. Many backpacking trails are about the destination or several destinations, but with the Berg Lake Trail, the journey is beautiful and worth every step. The only ones that didn’t hadn’t been lucky enough to secure a spot and venture onto the trail. P P P N WE S Hiking Emergency Services Facilities Campground 1 Site km Shelter Kinney Lake 7 14 Whitehorn 11 22 Emperor Falls 16 9 Marmot 19 7 Berg Lake 21 26 Rearguard 22 5 Robson Pass 23 15 Trails and Routes B H T M S Berg Lake Trail Hargreaves Lake Route Toboggan … So much so that you have to reserve your campsites nearly a year in advance to secure a spot. The trail reaches the Robson River almost immediately, and then follows the silt-laden water up to its source at the small, glacier-fed Robson Lake. SELECTED SECTION: ROUTE STATISTICS. We might even go so far as to say it is the best backpacking trip we have ever done which is saying a lot. Robson Provincial Park in 2006 and we immediately put it on our unofficial Top Ten Backpacking Trips of all time. Robson, the Robson River, and of course Kinney Lake. My account; Log out; Log in; Start planning; Trip Planner: Canada / British Columbia ... As you hike along the Berg Lake Trail you just cant help staring at Mt. How long? As long as the good Lord allows. ... including the iconic profile of Mount Burgess. Now, my wife and I travel as a way of life. Good trail to reach the visitor center. This trail goes by Belvédère Kinney Lake, Kinney Lake, Kinney Lake Campground, Whitehorn Campground, Emporer Falls Campground, and Marmot Campground. There are only two short sections (perhaps 200m each) of what could be considered steep uphill. To get to Iceberg Lake Trail, start by following directions to Shadow Lake and Ediza Lake. Relatively easy hitch back to and from Jasper. Thankfully the BC Parks website provides a good map that includes an elevation profile, which proved useful for planning our stops. ... Berg Lake is a great place for a family backpack; not only is it beautiful but the trail system is great. womenwhohike View Profile. The trail traverses along the northern shore of Shadow Lake for half a mile. See more ideas about Lake, Trail, Hiking. ... a city of about 140,000 on the shores of Lake Titicaca. - Henry Miller. Iceberg Lake . Most of the elevation gain is spread evenly along the 4km between the Berg Lake Trailhead and Kinney Lake. I was born to roam. After acquiring your spot start praying for amazing weather as you won’t be able to change your plans due to inclement weather. Thick snowpack can linger on the pass, through mid-July. Elevation and ascent statistics with customisable elevation graph. Kayak through Desolation Sound. If you’re not as game to embrace the great outdoors, there are plenty of shorter (and just as stunning) day hikes around Berg Lake trailhead. No; Gear to bring: 1L water/pp and mosquito spray A happy medium between the two options for many. Any current settings and labels will be applied. Plain of the Six Glaciers Hiking Trail in Banff National Park - Lake Louise and its massive cirque are the stars of this hike highlighting the jaw-dropping scenery of the Lake Louise Valley. Whitehorn campground is a backcountry campground along the famous Berg Lake Trail. Route map for 'Berg Lake Trail' - a 18.62km walking route near Mount Robson, CA. 25% in a few spots; Viewpoints: On clear days, spectacular views of Mt.