Upset or Unhappy? This may even make your LUC build weaker than the non LUC build. We will try to guide World of... Shaiya EP8+ Fastest Leveling / Power Leveling Guide, Call of Duty Mobile Data Consumption - Internet Usage. I suggest you read Assassin Leveling Guide from Kyrosin first. Although the hybrid build is cool, there are still too many obstacles in your way that changes your amount of damage. Permission was obtained to use this information on shaiya wiki. Assassins are seen as the most feared character in Shaiya, that is because they can take out any other types of characters in 1-on-1 fight and even taking out a whole party when the right skills are used. You won the fight already. The most important question is the “why”. STR Assassin: This build is mainly focused on having a good base attack power. Having a high WIS stat will be the most effective to this end. A good warrior/fighter has almost as much DEX as an assassin. It is funny, and annoying, and Alliance hate hit me with miss, miss, miss, but I still have the idea that I miss some defence. Beyond Level 60 Yayyy, grats, if you read this section, than I still have good news. However, I did stop back in after the initial release of EP4 in order to update the guide heavily. I also prefer to put as much STR in my build as possible, because from all lapisses that provided stat points, the Craft is the most expensive. My experience comes from playing Shaiya China, and … People seem to say that grinding in a group is best, but I get way more exp when I go solo. Shaiya light quest guide 2009 10 24 18 13 43 00,524,288 - C - C Documents and Settings Ski Desktop dds. I can list tons of things that you can do at level 60: Chapter 6 – PvP Strategies As described in earlier section, I told you that assassins are able to kill any other type of characters. This is a list of all the Quests available to Alliance of Light characters in Erina. Assassin Leveling Guide from Kyrosin first. Builds IV. Background info on Shaiya Bless bar The bar in the bottom right hand side of the screen is your Bless Bar, it is shared by everyone on your server’s faction. —– So you decided to be an assassin. Human and Elven quests listed here. Be aware they use dispel potions also. Besides that, the power buffs, such as Big Coup, Perfect Position, Flash Attack and Magic Defy are needed. The difference between those 2 weapons are the minimum and the maximum damages and the stats. Besides that, this is all theoretical. The Basic mode for any character in Shaiya. Shaiya Savage Opening 21/11/2020 Episode 5-Kill Rate x1-EXP Rate x500-Max Lapis Lv7-Account kill share-150 Slot Raid-Costume-Weapon Skin-Bounty system-KillStreak with Notice-[PvP, Grinding, Farming, Boss Hunting and much more][Friendly and active staff members] [Online 24/7]check out our website for more details Luck: [LUC] Shooting attack power, critical hit rate, critical damage multiplier, critical evasion rate increase slightly. Shaiya Leveling Guide Good reasons Why Leveling to Amount 60 Is Essential in TERA Â The most recent Mmog, TERA, has taken the video clip activity planet by storm with its innovative combination of Mmo and action that delivers with each other new and aged elements to players all over the entire world. Then Better Play Game. If you need to read this section of the guide, do not PvP. GRB your –peep- off, to make your guild better. My note: The DEX build is incredible as an UM. Most players use only the Tetanus, Stun and the Stealth chains for PvP. So, it requires a bit of DEX. Reaction: [REC] Physical defence power, shooting defence power and HP increase Having a little REC in a build is a good thing. Assassins are small, skinny, fast and very powerful. Here you will find a detailed guide of all the Quests related to Shaiya. DEX casters are pain. Almost everyone plays games on mobile. New Credit System. Archers/Hunters – Always go stealth when you see one of these. Posts: 76 Received Thanks: 133 [Release]Instant Full Done Level Scripts-5 Instant Leveling Scripts Of … level 60, custom exp (easy) easy questline for a good start. Unslotted / Noble / Worship / Heroic / Dread, Main Reason why Assassins/Rangers should not stealth on water, Everything you need to know about Assassins, Summoners War Optimal Def% and HP% Ratio Guide, NM: 3STR/2DEX, 2STR/3DEX (with good gearing 4STR/1DEX suggested), HM: 5STR/2DEX, 4STR/3DEX (with good gearing 6STR/1DEX suggested), UM: 6STR/3DEX, 7STR/2DEX (with good gearing 8STR/1DEX suggested), UM: 5STR/4DEX (very, very powerful and safe build). Discussion on [Release]Instant Full Done Level Scripts within the Shaiya PServer Guides & Releases forum part of the Shaiya Private Server category. Wisdom: [WIS] Magic defence power, magic accuracy, and MP increase Ehhhh, prohibidado!!! They are also known as one of the most annoying characters to level (have you ever seen the ranking list?). So which one is better? Skill bar #1 – Tetanus Chain – vs. killing spree, Skill bar #2 – Stun Chain – vs. stun-locking targets, Skill bar #3 – Dragdown Chain – vs. other rangers and annoying tanks, Skill bar #4 – Dragdown + Tetanus Chain – taking down squishy rangers, Killer595 aka Kyrosin for providing the best grinding path ever ->, c0dedzer0 for the nice information about the playing styles ->, Meeps has a nice EP3 skill list in screenshots ->, 25-07-2009 – Syeeric Touch specification changed as requested, 29-07-2009 – Fixed layout and some minor grammar errors, 15-08-2009 – Armory Guide added (provided by grand.fb), 10-10-2009 – PvP 1-15 section added in PvP Strategy section with Video ^^. « Shaiya: Leveling guide for Mage. An Oracle's main function in battle is to heal. There is a rule about REC for assassins, which is assassins don’t use defence to survive. The pinnacle of power is Ultimate Mode. I have read topics that people are hitting the level 60 wall and than the fun is all gone, but they are wrong. Chapter 1 – Why Should I Play an Assassin? So many skills, how to spend my points That depends all what you are planning to do. Fedion / Kalamus's House (Map 2) Leveling 32 to 42. Either restealth and kill the archer/hunter first. Ranking up allows players to gain access to more stats. They have high evasion ability and annoying skills to fool their opponents. Avoid mobs that cast nasty magic damage on your such as Meteor. Check out our classes or find out more about the Episode 8. I used the goal driven build, also known as the hybrid build, using a standard of LUC = 450-475, DEX = 300-450+, STR 300-500 in order to make this LUC build possible. (3 SP) Level 1: Erhöht die Angriffskraft um 20, wenn eine schwere Waffe ausgerüstet ist. Daggers are fast speed, but the assassin doesn’t has the dagger mastery. Eventually the Goal Driven build is the ultimate build, aka Hybrid build. Quests: Mother of Raptors (1) To start the quest, you should give the Survivor Pet to the Mother of Raptors. Mother of Raptors quest can be taken at level 1, level 15, level 30, level 60 and level 80. Fighting ranger/assassin is actually 50/50, so the best skill user wins eventually. 4:08. Up close and personal is how Warriors prefer confrontation. Rangers/Assassins: – Big Coup on first sight. Shaiya is a Free to Download and Free to Play Online 3D MMORPG where the humans and elves alliance must battle their dark enemies. If you are UM, only 2 skills, Terrible Attack + Syeeric Touch and watch his ghost. More help, hints and discussion forums for on Supercheats. 1 Update Now Available, Download It Now I think … Gold Der Tod gehört zur Schlacht. Ranking up allows players to gain access to more stats. One-vs-many Be prepared for ouch time. World of Prandis Beginner Guide - Mobile Non Auto Real MMORPG. Never stop gaming. If there are 2 groups, use one DP on one group and finish it with Evi. People are asking me questions about which weapon is better. Defender/Guardian: – These are pain also. My HM and UM assassins are both LUC build, pretty nice so far. Halt Kick and they won’t heal or shoot. Your email address will not be published. So what is left are the reversed sword and the dual claws. The Warrior is one of three Classes only available to the Nordein. When the rest of the party is like “huhhhhhh??? So… this proofs the LUC build is better? Shaiya US - Canta PvP Level 30 UM Warrior in Action - Duration: 4:08. Start your journey now! This mode takes skill and patience. But not until I finish my lower level guides. Parties From my experience, the duo with hunters is the best. EPISODE DISCLAIMER: This guide was originally written when Episode 3 was out. I am still looking for correctness. It is better to go STR and DEX builds from start and restat at later level. Bestreite epische Schlachten & treffe neue Freunde im Free-to-Play MMORPG Shaiya. Priest/Oracle: Shadow Attack will do enough. Mounts XI. This guide is meant to be a guide only, nothing is absolute. Big Coup and Perfect Position is your best friend. The idea to make this guide actually came from two other players .WheresLupers and Aes. In general, mages should kite, especially at early levels in Shaiya. Intelligence: [INT] Magic attack power increases. But I am very sure my methods are one of the best when it comes to assassin/ranger skills. Assume that the reversed sword has the 80-120 damage and the claws has the 95-105 damage, the average damage of both weapon are 100. 90 LUC = 18% critical and damage multiplier varies between 150% and 172% damage Average critical damage = ( ( 860str * 1.33… + 150 WP ATK) * ( (1.5 + 1.72) / 2) ) = 2088 damage (18%) Average damage = 860str * 1.33… + 150 WP ATK = 1297 damage (82%) Average damage of your non LUC build with critical included = 1297 * 0.82 + 2088 * 0.18 = 1439,38 AVERAGE DAMAGE. Requirements Characters must usually meet a Level requirement before a quest will become available. This build is focused on REC/DEX or STR/REC/DEX. Well, the answer to this “why” question will be described here below. GladiatorPvP2030 24,505 views. The reversed sword is SLIGHTLY BETTER. Oh wait… assassin has no magic attacks. Fighting a meatshield tank (REC tanks), use the dot skills only. Gigabyte GA-G41MT-D3 Realtek LAN Driver 5. —– So you decided to be an assassin. This is from my part the closest formula of the LUC calculation for assassins or even other classes except hunters (they get 1 damage from each 3 LUC). EPISODE DISCLAIMER: This guide was originally written when Episode 3 was out.